Wooden Sheds Ideas For Installing

Wooden sheds not only offer functional space but they also add aesthetic appeal to your backyard. There are varied ways in which you can use these structures including as playhouses, storage space for outdoor tools as well as for hosting guests in the outdoors. Depending on your reason for building a wooden shed, you will have tons of options from which you can choose.

Main types of wooden sheds

The reasons behind the construction of a wooden shed often fall in the following categories:


If you lack adequate space in your home to store all your goods, a wooden shed provides you with a place in which you can put them. Many people look to these structures to help them hold onto assets that they are not willing to let go of as they think of ways in which they can utilize them. Examples include broken furniture, old toys and other such items that are no longer in use.

Garden Sheds

For people who love gardening, having space in which they can put their tools at the end of the day is essential. You can also use this space as a nursery for plants that are not quite ready to grow in the outdoors. Some people also use it for decorative purposes by having it serve as a focal point which blends in with the garden.


If you are a handyperson who is looking for a space in which you can get to work in peace, a wooden shed will provide you with precisely that.

Other people use these rooms as garages, playrooms and other uses which are of importance to them. It is up to you to choose what works best for you. In this regard, here are seven ways in which you can build a wooden shed.

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Log cabin wooden sheds

If you wish to incorporate some rustic charm to your backdoors, here is a great way to go about it. The attractive feature about these structures is that they are not only picturesque, but they also offer tons of functional space. In this way, you can use it for storage, to add some cuteness to your backyard or both. The choice lies with you.

The open concept wooden shed

This kind of structure is open to the front with a door leading to the inside from the side. It looks like a farmhouse and is an attractive feature to have in your backyard. The essence to this shed is to provide you with open space from where you can entertain your guests. A great way to make it pop out, even more, would be to have some wooden furnishings in it. As such, you can use this shed for both entertaining and storage, thus killing two birds with one stone. Owing to its charm, nobody will pass it by, and you will soon have guests streaming into your compound for the delight that lays in wait.

Romantic farmhouse

This shed is in the shape of a farmhouse with additions such as cut-out hearts to its exterior. In this way, it oozes of romantic and rustic feels at the same time, making anyone in sight to fall head over heels in love with the structure. If you are looking for something cozy to help you better entertain your other half, this is an excellent option for you. It is quite admirable, and one cannot help but feel warm inside at first sight.

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Storage Shed

If you wish to go back to the basics and are looking for an adorable addition to your backyard that can also house your tools, this is the way to go. It can hold items such as gardening tools all the way to lawnmowers, thus keeping them safe from wear and tear owing to exposure to weather elements. The great thing about this shed is that it will have a positive impact on the beauty of your backyard too.

Tool Shed

This option works for anyone who wishes to keep their tools safe but is short on outdoor space. In this way, you can have a tool shed with several compartments, thus allowing you to organize your items as you wish and enabling you to be more productive in the process. The great thing about this shed is that it is small such that you can place it in any corner of your compound with ease. What’s more, it is a nice addition to the environment, aesthetically speaking.

A backyard barn

Are you in love with barns? Well, you can have a wooden shed in the form of a barn, and this will not only provide you with space to store your items, but it will also add class to your outdoors. You are sure to have people gazing at your barn each time they visit, and it would be a great place to host parties now and then. If you lack adequate space to put up a big one, you can always scale down to a suitable size.

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Country garden shed

If you have lots of space to spare and are looking to house many activities under one roof, this option will work great for you. First off, it adds character to your backyard, thus adding beauty to the scene. You can also have tables and chairs outside it to create an area where people can sip on drinks as they catch up. What’s more, it is a conversation piece that will have people talking for a long time to come.


These sheds call for the use of renewable and natural materials which make them environmentally friendly. In this way, you will have a positive impact on the environment. Also, they blend in with nature such that they will not be an eyesore on your property. They are also stable such that they can withstand weather elements over a long period. If you construct them as per the required standards, they will remain weatherproof for generations to come, thus prolonging their functionality.

If you are looking to construct a wooden shed, these ideas will come in handy. Good luck!

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