Tips How to Organizing Toys In Living Room

Children’s toys are items that cannot be avoided. You certainly know and realize that toys will easily make the house look messy, especially when the number is increasing. For that, it is necessary for you to know how to organizing children’s toys properly.

Not only about neatness or easy-to-find toys when you are going to use them again, but a good organization can also maintain the quality of the child’s toys. A loss if the child’s toys are easily damaged just because they are careless when storing them.

1. Determine what children’s toys are suitable for your little one

There are several factors that can be considered in selecting children’s toys. In terms of benefits for children’s growth and development, the selected children’s toys should be able to become children’s learning media while stimulating their movements. In terms of taste, children’s toys can be adapted to the character of the little one. This initial step can make you narrow down on what choice of toys or dolls you need most.

2. Take advantage of the Empty Space Corner

Do not let the room look like a space like the rest of the room under the stairs or the wall that is not symmetrical, empty and not used. The best way to get around a room like this is to process it into a storage area. Not only small-sized toys, but bicycles and cars that take up space can also be stored neatly in the cupboard under the stairs.

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3. Group Children’s Toys and Maximize Storage

Grouping the children’s toy can be done by separating the types and sizes of toys. You can use an open shelf filled with storage boxes. If storage is used for your little one and siblings, each box can be labeled with a marker so that children’s toys are not confused.

However, open storage makes children’s toys easily scattered, the room becomes messier. The use of closed storage is neater and can provide greater storage space. You can maximize it by using the inside and the door leaf.

4. Spread the Minimalist Principles

The success of organizing children’s toys cannot be separated from the principle of minimalism, but this principle cannot be applied only by you and your little one. Often children’s toys that are not in accordance with the needs of children are actually obtained from a birthday present. This can be troublesome if you don’t have enough storage.

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Invite relatives and friends to respond that you are applying a minimalist lifestyle. Give advice to them to present the children’s toys that are most needed by the little one.

5. Always Involve Your Little One

Clearing toys are not only the homework of parents but also the responsibility of the owner. Give direction to your little one to always tidy up the finished toy when he uses it.

This method does not merely foster a sense of responsibility of the child, but also provides good psychological effects. According to several studies, when he managed to keep his belongings the child felt more calm and confident.

6. Donate Toys that Are No Longer Used

The rapid growth of your child causes the needs to be constantly changing, including the children’s toys that he uses. In order for toys that are no longer used do not fill the storage space, these toys can be donated to children who are more in need. In this way, you can teach children to share early.

Organizers are also extremely popular. They are a fine choice because they do not take up a lot of space. They are usually a bit taller than the standard toy boxes for children, but they provide convenient access to all of the stored items. Plus, the arranged bins allow for the different toys to be stored separately which adds to the comfort of your kid. Another great thing about these models is that they are made from hard plastic and tend to be more than affordable. They are also quite strong and come with beautiful colorful decorations that make them more than appealing for the children.

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You can opt for any of these children toy storage units. Just remember to take into account not only your requirements, but also the preferences of your youngster when making a choice. The model you pick has to be relatively compact, but still capable of accommodating as many play items as possible. It has to be easy and above all perfectly safe to use.


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