Stunning Outdoor Storage Stools

Stools serve a handy and a straightforward reason. You can sit on them and once in a while you use them to rests, or maybe they can be utilized as a table to put incidentally a few things on them. Outside, these seats are ideal spots to have a nightcap; or have a little pit fire. Notwithstanding, these seats that will be highlighted today are not your common seats. These are completely utilitarian seats that fill another need: additional capacity. When you have things for the yard or the greenery enclosure outside and wish to put them some place increasingly available, these open air stockpiling seats are just ideal for the activity.

A rooftop deck like this one is an ideal space for chill night-outs, little s’mores open air fires, or holding with family and companions. Thus, having capacity seats is an incredible thought! Obviously, plants are ideal for outside spaces like this one and capacity seats may truly enable you to out for this situation. The dark colored wood boards utilized in this rooftop deck are an incredible shade of darker and the impact against the green plants is exquisite.

1. Dulwich

CP Landscapes

C P Landscapes

Greens outside make any home significantly cozier and it will make you feel progressively invigorated and obviously, more oxygen is certainly better. Having a seat outside the home for instance in the greenhouse is a decent spot to peruse or hang out. In any case, having capacity seats when you have a small scale garden outside takes the seat reason to the following dimension.

2. Gibson Property

Gibson Property

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

This outdoor spot in this home is absolutely gorgeous and topnotch! The chill spots are plenty and the use of decor works really well all throughout the area. The storage bench is latched to the patio and it’s a great place to keep your pillows or linens that you use while you’re out.

3. Hamptons Waterfront

Hamptons Wat

MKL Construction Corp.

This seating area made entirely of wood sure looks plain and ordinary – but if the home owner starts maybe painting this one over or even just adding the cutest pillows ever and maybe even umbrellas, I think this space would look spectacular, especially at night.

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4. Hollywood Rooftop Deck

Urban Safari

Urban Safari Design Inc.

Seating areas like this one allow people to really hang out and chill while at home but away from the technologies of the world (or if that’s impossible), at least away from the stress of everyday living. We see only a tiny bit of the entire space, but in this one, we can see that the chairs also serve as drawers for things that needs to kept when this place is basically not in use.

5. Inspire Jardin
Inspire Jardin

Leroy Merlin

I love how playful this space was actually portrayed as. Staging is key in presenting one’s space to look entirely pretty for people to see. This open space shows us the limitless possibilities that this space is capable of in the hand of the right person who would actually do the decorating.

6. Lake District Neighborhood

Lake District

Creo Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

Wood fence and benches look incredible against all the greens added to this space. I am not really certain, but it is pretty safe to assume that the plants in this area were just added to it; this means that this space needs extra loving especially when dealing with the plants.

7. Author’s Home

Plant Recipe

Margot Hartford Photography

If you have a patio or porch and wish to have a mini garden as well, a storage bench outside is a perfect way to put your tools perhaps and of course if your bench is waterproof, why not include a book or two to read during lazy afternoons? Anyway, plants and books help take those blues away.

8. Balmain House

Balmain House

MM+J Architects

This outdoor garden is majestic. The greens that fill a big part of the space are definitely refreshing. The storage bench in this home is stylish and not to mention, extra-long. The use of patterned pillows that are black and white serve as great accents to this space.

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9. Chelsea Roof Deck

Chelsea Roofx

Amber Freda NYC Garden Design

10. Lateral House

Emma Griffin

Emma Griffin Garden Design

I love the avocado green color of the pillows and the cushions used to accent the wooden storage bench in this beautiful outdoor space. The plants on the background add a bit more Earth and love to this space made mostly from concrete.

11. Madison Park Roof Top Deck

Residential Co

Prestige Residential Construction

Notice how much greens are used to accent with all the wooden furniture used outdoors? Well, aside from them going great together, I think it makes the outdoor spaces a bit closer to Mother Nature when they actually do it. This color combination would never lose its sparkle for people who really loves the outdoors.

12. Marylebone Courtyard

Marylebone Courtyard

Fenton Roberts Garden Design

This might be a minimal space for get-togethers, but I think that this space looks incredible and beyond words for a small space decorated for hanging out and spending time with our loved ones and friends.

13. Modern Classic

Modern Classics

Sullivan Design Studio

I love how much wood area used in this list and how stunning each piece of furniture is; example is this beautiful outdoor space where I am sure that the home owners are able to spend their time on – they made sure that this space looks incredible for it to actually be inviting them over all the times. Pretty awesome, actually.

14. Modern Bedfors Stuyvesant

Bedfors Stuyvesant

New Eco Landscapes

This might be one of the first photos that I have collected for this list and I got pretty much excited when I actually saw this and most of the photos on this list because of how lovely, cool and interesting each one was actually. Don’t you actually think so?

15. North Willoughby

North Willo

Harrison’s Landscaping

This wooden sectional outdoor bench may smaller or shorter than some of the ones on this list, but I think that it looks incredible in this photo. The contrast on the color of the bench and then wall and then the flooring is just way to perfect to ignore.

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16. Paddington Terrace House

Paddington T

Luigi Rosselli Architects

I am not entirely sure if the long bench in this photo is actually made from metal or from concrete – but, whatever it is though, I think adding a black and white cushion made it look cooler. With the toy dog on the side, it’s safe to assume that a kid lives in this house.

17. Park Ave Rooftop

Hollander D

Hollander Design

Here is another black and white cushion used to pair with the wooden benches that are present in this balcony. I love the fact that this house has brick walls and wooden planks for flooring in the balcony. Reminds me of some shows or movies that have sets like this one. Totally lovely!

18. Sanchez Condo

Sanchez Condo

Elevation Architects

Another outdoor space in an urban home that used wooden planks for the flooring, the seating and even part of the wall. It sure is interesting to see spaces as beautiful as this whenever I feel like wanting inspiration for a whole bunch of stuff.

19. Sutherland Place

Sutherland Place

Home Fotografy

So, the bench is not entirely the storage but it has drawers that are pretty much connected to the bench that most likely stores the many pillows that this lovely place have. Notice how gorgeous the sky is? If that’s how it looks every day, I think the people living here would be happiest.

20. West Hamptead

Hamptead NW6

Scenario Architecture

Last on this list is this sort of weird seating added to the space for times when you just want to hang out outdoors. This cool seating is equipped with two cabinets added to it on the ends of the seat – pretty cool, right?

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