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Is your little one scared every night while going to his bed room from the dining place? Might be the dark ghostly hallway of your house reminds him the horror movie he has last seen on the television. It’s time for you to think about remodeling the lighting system of your hallway. There are people very choosy about the lighting of their house and spend a pretty good amount to buy fashionable lights for every space in and around their house premises. Unfortunately, at times they are reluctant about lighting their hallways nicely. The main reason behind this psychology lies in the fact that hallway is not a room. We do not sit or dine or sleep in the hallways. We use them simply to go from one room to another. Still it is important to note that a dull unorganized hallway is enough to spoil the overall theme of a house. And decorating your hallway with fascinating lights is as important as fixing an expensive light at your main door entrance.

Hallways are one of the most overlooked areas in many homes when it comes to adequate lighting. Homeowners will spend a considerable amount of money purchasing and installing lighting fixtures for the foyer or entryway of their home and then neglect the adjacent hallway.

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Before considering hallway lighting, it’s a good idea to take a look at the hallway surfaces. Look at the finish on the walls and the ceiling as well as the type and color of the floor. If the various surfaces absorb light (that is, they are darker colors), you may want to consider repainting the walls and the ceiling with lighter, more reflective colors. If the floor is hardwood or another surface that would be hard to change, consider lighter colored throw rugs along the passageway.

If there happens to be a window at the end of the hallway, you may be surprised that this window can be more of a problem than a solution to effective lighting in this area. Here’s what often happens. The extreme contrast between the light from the window and the relatively dimly lit hallway can create a glare effect that effectively reduces the illumination from the window. This can be exaggerated if the flooring also reflects the glare. In other words, untreated windows at the end of a hallway can cause more problems than they are worth. What you should consider is minimizing the glare factor by installing window treatments such as drapes or awnings or blinds.

Remodeling a hallway with good lighting may involve more work than is involved in reworking lighting in other areas of the home. Many hallways, particularly in older homes, have few electrical sources that you can tap into and, as a result, you may find yourself with the chore of tearing out drywall and other surfaces in order to install the needed electrical sources. If you are faced with this challenge, you should ask yourself if it’s worth the extra work involved.

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Here are some tips to help you out:

Before you start planning for lighting your hallway take a glance at the color of the walls, ceilings and floor. The wall and the ceiling are always recommended to paint in a pale shade like white, pale blue, pale yellow or green to reflect maximum light. If by any chance the walls of your hallway are painted with too dark light absorbing colors you may need to repaint them again. If the floor is made of hardwood or some permanent surface throw a light color carpet along the floor of the passageway. If you have an old house you may need to tear the wall to make electric points according to your lighting plans. You should do this work before you repaint the walls.

For lighting hallways, wall sconces are mostly used nowadays. The indirect lighting has a very soothing effect. Place your wall scones at a distance of ten feet at least for the purpose of safety. If possible attach the scones with a dimmer switch so that at night you can adjust them and keep the brightness less. Match the design of the scones with the other lightings of the house to keep symmetry.

Halogen track lightings are also used to illuminate modern hallways which have at least eight foot ceiling height. These lights are used to focus on the art works or photographs or paintings fixed on the walls of the hallway.

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Ceiling luminaries or surface mounted luminaries are also used very effectively while designing hallway light. The light should indirectly infuse from the pale colored ceiling surface and highlight the doorway or the end of the hallway. It gives your hallway a class and elegance.
If your hallway is large enough make a perfect combination of different light fixtures to convert the most ignored area of the house into a spectacular passage.

Here I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help.

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