Scary Hallowen Costumes for Kids

One of the may great things about Halloween is that it provides the perfect opportunity for the kid inside us to come out of the closet. There will be parties where you can enjoy yourself with friends and family; there will be Trick or Treating; and there will be costumes.

Dressing up is one of those things just about everybody likes to do. Perhaps it is the idea of being someone else or that many of us have a hidden wish to be actors or something. And Halloween is the perfect excuse. Kids love dressing up but so do grown ups.

Sometimes when there are too many options it becomes difficult to dress up. At other times if going to a themed party you want to fit in, but also be original. There are so many options that you need ideas and finding where to look.

One of the great advantages we have today is that it is very easy to find costumes, on the other hand in early years there appeared to be more room for homemade costumes and creativity. Nostalgic thoughts maybe as today there are so many alternatives for Halloween costumes and accessories that you can pick an choose to combine the type of costume you want with a dash of your own creation.

Every year there are new costumes that are inspired by movies and television programs, as well as new variations on the classical costume themes. One reason why the classical costumes never go out of style is because the have withstood the trial of time. There popularity is ever green and will continue to stay that way. The variety is literally enormous with the added advantage that new costume design variations will continue to appear and be used.

Halloween is one of the most magical times of the year. The leaves still have a few yellow gold leaves clinging to them, and the weather is just warm enough to avoid the chills associated with winter. It’s also a time when creative Halloween costumes pop up for a fun night of Trick-or-Treating. These kids have made some truly unique costumes that will have you wondering how they manage to have such a big imagination!

Thank goodness those pins by Jessica aren’t real! This Voodoo Doll girl went all out on her costume as one of Louisiana’s most notorious pieces of history. Using the pockets of her dress as eyes and her hair twisted into a pin cushion, her voodoo powers should make even the bravest Halloween souls beware. Watch out! This magical miss might just cast a spell on you. Let’s just hope it’s a good one.


La Muerte. For a truly eye-catching costume, this girl decided to dress up as La Muerte from The Book of Life! The Mexican holiday, otherwise known as Day of the Dead, falls on the same day Halloween does. The large sombrero decorated with skulls and an ascending array of candles is absolutely amazing, and the candles also trail along the hem of her dress. Her painted eyelids solidify her spot in the top creative costumes for this year. It’s hard to outdo a costume that has so much going on!

The Exoorcist. The idea came from the fact that we absolutely love scary movies and The Exoorcist was always one of our favorites! We wanted to add a little extra to our creation this year and have a prop. Thats where the bed idea came from.

Little Ghosts
Jack And Sally Costume
Lydia And Beetlejuice Costume
Marionette Doll
Nightmare Before Christmas Costume
Pennywise & Georgie Costume
3 Ewoks
Both Scarecrows
Chuckie And Wife
Mama Coco and Miguel Costume
Horseshoe Crab


Appropriately enough, since this series helped sparked a zombie renaissance, Walking Dead zombie masks and costumes are proving popular this Halloween. These include split-heads and little girl zombie masks, a Pajama Girl costume with no mask and a Split-Jaw prosthetic that makes it look like your jaw has rotted away.

You can find out more about these walking dead costume ideas and you can buy them or you can make them at home. It’s easy to learn all about being a zombie for Halloween.

Bored with the same old scare-and-scream routine, pumpkin King Jack Skellington longs to spread the joy of Christmas. But his merry mission puts Santa in Jeopardy and creates a Nightmare for good little boys and girls everywhere.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, comes this awesome Jack Skellington costume. Jack is creepy, but fun and this costume has it all. With easy to see out of mask, and the very cool bow tie just like Jack has in the movie, this costume is a hit! Don’t be scared of this nightmare!

Here I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help.

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