Beautiful Painting Bathroom Cabinets Color Ideas
Beautiful Painting Bathroom Cabinets Color Ideas

Modern Luxury Bathroom Cabinet


Earlier bathroom cabinets or medicine cabinets were terms used to refer to a plain white box that were usually mounted above the sinks in bathrooms. A small cabinet for you to store your soaps, tooth paste, tooth brush, cosmetics, shaving razors, shaving creams and some medicines. Those were the days when bathrooms were plain and simple but nowadays people are making their bathrooms look more elegant and many are spending a fortune trying to make their bathroom look and feel perfect. The bathroom cabinets used nowadays tend to have a lot of varied functional uses and have become more stylish and functional.

Bathroom cabinets in recent times are used to describe any cabinet that we can have and use in a bathroom. They can be as large as normal wall cabinets used in other rooms or can even be a tall storage cabinet. In luxury bathrooms, a bathroom cabinet can be a combination of a medicine cabinet, a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop and also other varieties of cabinets all as a single unit.

Types Of Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets add to both beauty and practicality, and it is quite important to choose proper styles and features carefully. The designs that you select should go well with your personality and needs. Stainless steel is considered to be the most reliable and classic choice, as it defines both contemporary and traditional tastes. The sizes of the cabinets may vary from oval to square. They can withstand aging, fluctuating temperatures, and water damage.

Standard bathroom cabinets with mirrors are seen in many bathrooms these days. They are quite inexpensive, and you save both on space and money. There are many mirror designs, which can be stylized with the cabinets. You can design the door of the cabinets differently. However, before buying a mirror cabinet, you will need to check if the mirror is easy to clean, or if it can withstand changes in the temperature.

You can also try full length storage cabinets. These cabinets will not only help you in storing all the important things in your bathroom, they also change the look of your traditional bathroom. You can seek help from a professional decorator, but with so many new types of readymade furniture being made available these days, it might really be necessary.

The New Vanity

The bathroom vanity units are usually found underneath basin sinks. You will need to take proper care while choosing vanity units for bathrooms. In the past, vanity units were used to store medicines, but now they are accessorized with door racks for holding hair dryers and other toiletries. You could also have them with pull-out closets for trash cans.

Designers these days include a basin with the vanity units. Sometimes, the storage facility will be provided at the bottom of the basin, while some designs have wall mounting types. It is very important to check the vanity unit’s material before buying. The good quality ones will be more expensive than the ordinary ones.

With so many types being available these days, most people find it quite overwhelming to choose the right designs. Bathroom vanity units are also custom made to adjust to the customer’s needs and preference. If the bathroom is very small, then the manufacturers try to keep the design minimal, so that the bathrooms look bigger.

People, who love traditional wooden vanity units, can also buy them from reliable dealers. However you will need to color the wooden units with water resistant paints, so that they get a longer life. You can also go for the luxury ones with a Victorian theme.

There are many manufacturing companies, who offer the services of interior decorators for helping their clients in custom designing the bathrooms and kitchens. Sometimes, these companies also provide discounts, and most of them do not charge their customers for designing the bathroom vanity units. They will charge you only for the materials used and labor.

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