Rustic Interior Design
Rustic Interior Design

Interior Design Inspiration: Rustic Chic

If you are like me, when you think of the words rustic interior design, you picture a place that is wonderfully off the beaten path. I imagine this beautiful place to be off the beaten path where you could cook up the wildest food combinations there are and where you could serve the most delicious food you’ve ever seen.

I enjoy rustic interior design ideas and decor because they make me feel like I’m in a fun, carefree place that has lots of character. They also make me want to live there! But what about those who aren’t living there, but just love the look of it?

My personal rustic interior design idea for a bathroom is nothing more than dark wood panels. I would even go so far as to call it “rustic” (which it isn’t) but the wood would be dark and the paint colors would be natural so it’s still comfortable for the entire family. No more uncomfortable tile, no more dull bathroom cabinets, no more easy dirt and grime to get on your carpet. I could get all of that and more with natural wood.

The dark color could be stained so that it’s not as dark but I’d still like a darker wood color so I can stain it more easily and have more control over the stain when I’m done. Of course, it’s just my personal rustic interior design idea, so if you wanted a different color or you wanted to stain it, that’s totally up to you.

For a bathroom,

I’d choose wood as a texture because it’s naturally very textured and you can achieve different textures with varying levels of density. One might use lots of knots in the wood but other than that it’s very simple. The most common density is one-eighth of an inch. With several thousand of these wood doors you could make a large room.

Rustic walls are wonderful for hanging a shower curtain with a matching towel rod in them. With the natural appearance of the wood, it’s going to look very natural and inviting. Also, the flooring is much softer and more cushiony than carpet. You could even use wood boards instead of wood flooring but I wouldn’t do that for a bath since it’s likely going to be a more expensive area to install carpet.

You can even use rustic wood cabinetry.

A lot of cabinetry is unisex and you can buy things like medicine cabinets and medicine chests that are traditionally used for medicine. They can be made from either wood or metal and the look of the unfinished cabinets is fantastic. Most wood cabinets have two pieces and the upper piece is curved.

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One common element of cabinetry that I really love is a cabinet that has two pieces and is also curved. That’s a wonderful rustic design element and one that have a history. These curved cabinets are called “cowboy” cabinets and they were used in long ranchers and they’re great for decorating a room in a country setting.

Another thing I would absolutely love to have in my RV would be a large, rustic bathroom vanity unit that could also be used as a shower stall. It would match my rustic soapstone sink with matching tile, but because of the space it would also be much bigger than my sink.

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