Ranch Style Homes
Ranch Style Homes

Interesting Facts About the Ranch Style Home

When one talks about the ranch style home, one has to understand that this is an attitude of living in a more relaxing way. Having lived in a house in the city, I can definitely say that this house type is one of the best choices.

Why it is the whole point? Well, there are several reasons to choose this as a home style. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about the ranch home.

Most of the owners prefer the idea of having a room that contains a bedroom, living room and kitchen. And this can be a good thing if you plan to have a family living with you.

In these homes, you don’t need to have the bathroom on the side of the home. There is the common area which is less than half an acre of land and it gets its name from the usual irrigation system. Another thing is that there are no indoor bathrooms in these homes.

The history behind the ranch home style is very interesting. When the people first settled in the Southwestern part of the United States, they already used the log cabins and cattle for their living.

They were able to construct them on the small plots of land. There were trees that the cattle could graze and the trees were the only things that kept them warm during the winters. This is the reason why this type of houses is known as cabins.

Since then, the city life became so much better for the busy man, and most of them moved to this area. And when the First World War came, many farmers moved to the city to find jobs, but a lot of them had no other choice left except to leave their homes and go into the big city.

At this time, the city lifestyle was already looking more inviting to them. Their needs became more important than those of their families and they started building the larger houses, using more materials like wood and slate and giving them some character and flavor.

Today, you can still find a small house made of wood and slate, which people make out of their own hands. It is a simple and modest home.

People still prefer the ranch house style because they love the small and simple living. And this is the reason why the people who build these houses are proud of the fact that they do not have indoor bathrooms.

These are some interesting facts about the ranch style home. If you want to have one, try to look for a place that has flat or hilly terrain.

Here are some cool Ranch-Style from Pinterest even more of our favorite ranch homes. 

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