How to Choose Best Types of Cabinet Lighting for Ambient Lighting Effects

There are so many things that come to mind if you think about renovating a kitchen. What theme should you pick? Would an L-shaped kitchen be more functional or should you go for a G-shaped kitchen? What about the type of storage units, flooring options, and appliances?

Amidst all the excitement of revamping the heart and soul of your house, it’s easy to get carried away but you must not forget about one very important aspect: the lighting of the place.

Cabinet lighting is a highly useful and beneficial add-on to any kitchen. It augments the light provided by overhead or wall fixtures and boosts the mood and ambiance of the place. Plus, cabinet lights are a great way to fulfill the need for task-specific lighting, as well as give the place a more lustrous finish.

Besides the kitchen, various cabinet lights are also suitable for use in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any other place where you need more radiance.

Check out the article below to learn why cabinet lights are a must for all modern houses and the different types of cabinet lights that you can choose from. We also cover other important info such as the things you need to consider before buying cabinet lights, lightning color options, and more.

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Why Install Cabinet Lights?

Provide Extra Illumination

Cabinet lights beautifully complement the main indoor lights and can further brighten up the room or specific areas in the kitchen such as countertops. By providing better visibility, they help you in performing tasks such as cutting fruits and vegetables, preparing food, and accessing contents from the cabinets. After all, poor lighting can lead to that embarrassing moment of accidentally sprinkling sugar instead of salt.

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Eliminate Shadows

Sometimes, shadows can form even with proper overhead lights. This is because certain wall cabinets or other furniture items placed in a room can prevent the light beams from spreading to the required corners. Under-cabinet lights overcome this problem by lighting up all nooks and crannies and giving the place a well-lit look.

Add Style and Elegance

Installing the right cabinet lights can add a touch of class and bravura to the place be it the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom. Different lights of different styles do not just add a splash of color to your house, but also enhance the ambiance, giving it a modern and contemporary look.


Types of Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet lights can be fully categorized in the following ways based on various features such as their light source, shape, and design.




Xenon lights are some of the oldest types of lighting, yet they are a popular choice amongst interior designers even today owing to their ideal color rendering index (CRI). Xenon lights emit a well-defined beam of clean and bright white light that perfectly illuminates the targeted area and makes it stand out from the surroundings. If you want to give your kitchen a touch of style and sophistication, then consider installing xenon cabinet lights as they will accentuate the shiny granite or marble countertops in a spectacular way.

Note that being an incandescent light, xenon light fixtures produce a lot of heat. So, it’s best to turn them on only for a short period of time (like when guests arrive), or use them for light-specific tasks rather than for providing illumination all day long.




Similar to xenon lights, halogen lights are a type of incandescent light fixtures and preferred where there is a need for higher illumination than what fluorescents or LEDs can provide. However, they are rarely used for decorative purposes because they consume a lot of electricity and consecutively, produce a lot of heat as well.

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Homeowners living in cold regions often use halogen lights in the kitchen because the high heat output is not an issue. Instead, fixing these types of lights in their pantry shelves or on countertops helps them keep their food relatively warm. If you are looking for an under-cabinet light that is really bright yet still has a warm glow to it, then halogen lights are the way to go.






Gone are the days when fluorescent lights were notorious for flickering uncontrollably, producing an irritating hum, and taking forever to turn on after one had pressed the button. Modern fluorescent lights present none of these problems, and are a popular choice when it comes to lighting options for residential as well as commercial places.

These light fixtures are available in sizes labeled according to the width of the fluorescent tube. For instance, T4 means fluorescent bulbs have a diameter of half an inch, T8 are an inch wide, T12 measure an inch and a half and so on. T4s are usually the best buy as they fit well under most cabinets and glow brightly without being uncomfortable to the eyes. Although the CRI of these lights is not as high as that of incandescent bulbs, they are commonly used due to various other benefits that they offer.




LEDs are hands down the most versatile and energy-efficient option for cabinet lighting. Not only are they available in a range of styles and colors to choose from but they also have different brightness levels and are suitable for different purposes.

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inear lights or strip lights refer to light fixtures that contain one or several bulbs connected next to each other. They normally use LEDs and are used as decorative lights rather than the main source of indoor lighting. Some linear lights are specifically made for vanity or bathroom mirrors and feature halogen or fluorescent bulbs for a warmer glow. The style can vary from a plain rectangular box to linear bars with a more fancy design.

Linear lights eliminate shadows and provide well-distributed light on the entire surface. Check out the fun ways in which you can use LED strip lights to decorate your house.




Pucks lights are so called because they bear a close resemblance to an actual hockey puck. Their rounded shape makes them ideal for spot lighting, illuminating specific areas and/ or giving the place a luxe look.

Puck lights can feature LED, halogen or xenon light bulbs and can be installed as recessed or protruding fixtures. Depending on the total brightness and the bulb used, puck lights can be used as accent lighting, task lighting, main indoor lighting, or even as outdoor lighting. Wired puck lights might require trained electricians for installation but there are also many battery-powered models that can be simply glued or stuck to the required surface using adhesives.


Take a look at the designs we have listed here for you!

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