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Fantastic Ways To Reuse Clothes Hangers

Use Clothes Hangers Ideas – Use Your Clothes Hangers For A Great Range Of Great Reuse
If you are a crafter and looking for more interesting ways to use those old clothes hangers, you should check out this article on some fantastic ways to reuse clothes hangers. Clothes hangers are often just tossed into the trash can, but they can be used again. This article will show you how.

You may have discovered that you no longer have a lot of clothing items. When you are looking for a way to get rid of clothing items, your first instinct is to throw them out. However, it is important to learn how to reuse these items. There are some great ways to do this and save yourself money while still using them.

One of the best things you can do with your old clothes hangers is to use them to make quilts. Quilts are great because you can make the size you want. You can make a small one for one, or make a large one for several people. They also last a long time, so you can give them as gifts. By making a large one for a lot of people, you will not only be helping out your friends and family, but you will also be helping out the environment.

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You can also find fabric scraps in your local stores that will make quilts. You can combine different colors together and create a great looking quilt. Since most clothes hangers will hold several colors, you can find lots of colors to mix together and create a colorful and eye-catching pattern. The finished product will be truly unique and you will love it.

Another great thing you can do with your hangers is to turn them into a small ball. You can make the ball the size of a tennis ball or larger. You can then make your own little ball of yarn and knit a blanket for the children. You can even make hats and other items using yarn, which you can then throw into a gift bag when you give them to the children.

How about turning your old hangers into kitchen appliances? For example, you can place large pots and pans into large hangers. This way you will have a place to put these items. Then you can use the small hangers to keep smaller items.

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You can also make new age pot holders and hang them on the walls. This way you will have places to put all your pots. Just remember, that the hangers you use should be made of fabric. It is important to wash them in hot water as water with detergent will shrink the fabric and cause the hangers to fall apart.

You can also take your hangers and turn them into an Ottoman or armoire for your bedroom or laundry room. You can even use them as an add-on bed. You can purchase a couple hangers and then use them as an extra bed. You will be so pleased at how simple this project is, but it is really a great way to reuse these pieces.

If you want to create a large picture frame, then simply attach the ribbon to the end of each. You can also use the plastic hangers to put all of your pictures in a frame. You will be so pleased at how beautiful your frames will look.

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You can even use your hangers to make a lampshade. Simply place a metal frame on top of the hanger and turn it over and you will have a lampshade. It is so simple and inexpensive to make these accessories, it’s easy to make your own.

Using these hangers for crafts is another great way to reuse them. You can cut strips off of the hangers and use them to make something else. You can also use these strips to stitch together into something. There are so many ways to use these items, it’s hard to name them all!

If you want to learn more great re-use clothes hangers ideas, you can visit the links below. For ideas on what to use your hangers for, how to use them in crafts, as well as many other tips, be sure to visit our site below.

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