Christmas celebrations are unique in the terms of thematic decorations that give a festive face lift to any commercial or living space. This involves placing and redecorating several of the season’s special elements, apart from the Christmas tree.
Few things say “Christmas” so well as Reindeer. These lovely creatures have been a symbol of this unique holiday for more than a century. Santa Claus’s legend spread around the globe and those wonderful animals carried him around it to find a place in everyone’s hearts. Reach the hearts of those you love with a complete line of reindeer Christmas


One such interesting addition is a handmade reindeer that can be placed at any strategic spot. Birch tree is the best option for such craft due to their cultural significance, availability, and easy designing. You will need to cut some small logs using saw and fixing some framework. Therefore, this craft is more suitable for the adults in the family, though children may be involved later at the decoration stage. Here are some easy tips to erect your own birch branch reindeer for the coming holidays.

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Reindeer fly across the night sky in the distance, racing to deliver all the presents on time. Beneath their sleigh you place your best wishes for the holiday. Then, just pick out three of your favorite shots. Let Santa’s reindeer create the ideal holiday atmosphere on your reindeer Christmas

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Want some inspiration? Here are some cool ideas from Pinterest. I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help.

Trot on over to to take your reindeer making skills outdoors for all the neighborhood to enjoy!
If you would love a DIY Christmas decor piece that can sit outside, look no further than this awesome tutorial at Remodelando la Casa! This is just beautiful! And if you put a reindeer on just one side you can turn the planter to an empty side to use the planter all year long! I love the idea of a planter that can be used all year while hiding a little secret Christmas reindeer that only shows its face during the holidays!
Crafts Beautiful knows how to make a non-sewer feel like a legit DIY crafts expert!
This DIY craft project from Jessica Demaio is so delightful! White is a classic color for Christmas and makes people think of snow and fun and all the joy of the season! Sure red and green can be just as easily used too, but gosh I love the color white for Christmas!
If you have some kids who would love to play with your reindeer decor as well as look at it, then this might be the DIY Christmas reindeer decor tutorial for you! Check out Lia Griffith’s fabulous tutorial for all the reindeer felt details!
The crafter at Petticoat Junktion has made the most of odds and ends found in her home and has used her DIY skills to make a unique Christmas reindeer wreath!
If you’re looking to have a DIY Christmas reindeer pull your sled tonight, head on over to the detailed DIY tutorial on Her Tool Belt!
The crafter at Artsy Fartsy Mama has come up with something gorgeous that can be used for Christmas or any time of year! Also, you can choose any color of reindeer you want just by choosing the color of glitter that most appeals to you! Hello, green and red glitter for Christmas reindeer decor!
Over at Hymns & Verses, This is such a wonderful DIY Christmas reindeer decor idea that all your friends will beg you for one!
Scoot on over to Taryn Whiteaker for the full details on how to make these fantastic DIY Christmas reindeer decor pieces your own!.



we have a reindeer decoration idea that will go in any room and match any decor! The Ugly Duckling House makes this DIY reindeer decor idea super easy for crafters of all skill levels!
Just a Girl has surely turned up the Christmas fun a few notches here! I bet Santa and the elves would go crazy over these DIY reindeer coat hooks that look so great even without any coats



A Night Owl Blog has created such a festive DIY reindeer decor idea here that everyone will be grinning from ear to ear with the thought of this sparkly reindeer hanging on the wall
This DIY Christmas reindeer decor idea is soft, cuddly, and will look adorable on any chair, couch or shelf. Head over to Craft Passion to get all the details on this little reindeer sweetie.
nobody on your block or even in your town will have this reindeer decoration! This DIY Christmas reindeer decor idea from Clean & Scentsible is incredibly special!
How cute would a set of red and green and gold vases, all with reindeer, be?! ! Sew Can Do has the how-to ready for you!

If you are wanting some DIY Christmas reindeer decor that looks like you are all about individual style, check out this fantastic idea from Our Southern Home!

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