Pools Are Getting Smaller
Pools Are Getting Smaller

Best Ideas For Little Pools or Small Swimming Pools

Pasadena Paradise
Pasadena Paradise

A slightly curving Midcentury modern house features an oval pool/spa combo. Source

Private Plunge
Private Plunge
Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool

Inspired by the Washington Monument reflecting pool, Wilder designed an elongated pool with a marble surround. Plans by notable architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen, customized and adapted by Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Round And Round

This round spool from Mirror Lake Designs includes a connected spa that’s a smaller circle.

Rustic Retreat

An outdoor room featuring local stone. Source :  Arrow Timber Framing

Sarasota Modern

Midcentury modern architecture, this pool was installed by Water Designs of Sarasota.

Slim And Rich

Designed by The Front Door Architecture, the patio is surrounded by stamped concrete and the floor-to-ceiling windows

Sonoma Pool

Designed by  Schwartz and Architecture.

Sophisticated Round Design

This pool, designed by Brisbane Prestige Plunge Pools and Allcast Precast of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, looks like a more permanent, high quality round tank pool.

Southeast Charmer
Southeast Charmer

Privacy is achieved with colorful trees in large pots. By designer Troy Rhone

Spanish In Scottsdale

A gorgeous, Spanish Colonial-influenced house at Silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona, designed by Oz Architects

Terraced Tudor Garden

Tudor-style home and yard in Philadelphia. Designed by Eberlein.

Texas Swimming Hole

Ford Design

Urban Toronto

A custom-built gunite plunge pool designed by Betz Pools of Toronto, Canada, 

Vanishing Edge

Designed by Raven Inside of West Vancouver for a luxurious hilltop home.

All Inclusive Patio

Designed by Platinum Poolcare of Park Ridge, Illinois, a small patio area artfully manages to include lots of features


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