8 Ways How to Hide Your TV

If you don’t want your television screen to dominate the room, camouflage it in the decor!

There are a lot of fancy new ways to hide your TV today: Motorized picture frames, electronic mirrors and compartments that pop up from the foot of your bed are among the latest features. But all you really need is a little black paint or stain and some well-considered placement, and you can hide your TV in plain sight.

1. Black stain.

If you don’t love black walls, perhaps black stain is more your cup of tea. This ebony-stained bifold cabinet provides an ideal backdrop for a mounted flat-screen TV.

2. Above the fireplace.

Many people are not fans of TVs above a fireplace, but if you don’t mind the look, consider painting the fireplace surround black. This chic library in San Francisco provides a fine example.

3. Big black wall.

Covering a wall in black paint might be the easiest way to make your TV blend into the background. This family room in Brentwood, California, features a stunning hillside view through a large picture window surrounded by crisp white walls, while the wall-mounted flat-screen TV demands as little attention as possible when turned off.

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4. Black stripe.

If you’re not eager to paint an entire wall in your house black, perhaps a smaller black stripe on the wall behind the TV is more your style. This stylish family room in Milan, Italy, is definitely not TV-centric.

5. Black bookshelves.

The bright red piece of modern art hanging above the fireplace demands much attention in this stylish London living room. The flat-screen TV mounted inside the black bookshelf, not so much.

6. Next to the fireplace.

The same principle applies for TVs mounted to the side of the fireplace. This Sydney living room features a gas fireplace next to a flat-screen that has been incorporated into a custom wood built-in. By painting the niche black, neither the TV nor the fireplace distract from the surroundings.

7. Take it outside.

This sleek outdoor covered patio in Orlando, Florida, uses many of the techniques already discussed. A black wall that has been stained a deep ebony is the ideal spot for a stealth flat-screen TV to hide in plain sight.

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8. Just another appliance.

The appliance wall in this Boston kitchen features a built-in wine refrigerator, microwave, double oven and, that’s right, a mounted flat-screen TV.

Here are 16 stylish ways collection of inexpensive solutions which provides great inspirations for home staging, living room makeovers and interior redesign, adding peaceful and charming details that make the TVs invisible.

Modern living room design with TV panels look family friendly, but the TVs bring unappealing objects in black color into home decorating. These most used pieces of electronics look great when showing your favorite movies, and ask to be hidden when your have a conversation in your living room. There are a lot of high-tech solutions that can be expensive, and there are simple, effective and cheap ideas for hiding the TV.

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Buying something to hide something to make your living room look better is not a smart idea. Saving money on handmade designs is a better option. A large mirror or decorative screen, sliding door, artwork or tapestry are less expensive and convenient ideas for hiding your living room TV.

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