30 Clever Tiny House Kitchen Ideas

If you have a very small kitchen then you have to have to make the most of it. There are things you should do and things that you should avoid. The key is to utilize your space and you wouldn’t be the first. Residents of over crowded cities like Tokyo creatively use every inch of their tiny apartments. You will also have to make some sacrifices but you see the final result you will be more than pleased.

The first step to remodeling a small kitchen is to take out every that is bulky and that includes a table or chairs if you have them. Instead of a table and instead of chairs you can use a tall stool and use the kitchen counter as a table. This will save you so much space because a table in a tiny kitchen just complicates matters. If you have kitchen curtains that protrude too much think about replacing them with window shades or blinds. The space you save will be noticeable because when dealing with a tiny kitchen every inch counts. Your kitchen cabinets should also be organized so you could make better use of cabinet space. A good idea is to buy small plastic containers. You can put things like rice, dry beans, and other food items inside of them neatly.

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And neatness is extremely important because the smaller the kitchen the neater it must be to look good. If you follow these simple steps you will still have a tiny kitchen but it will be a cute tiny kitchen.

For those who are trying to make a tiny apartment work, sometimes figuring out how to spruce things up and keep life feeling interesting is as simple as picking a single room of the house, and then maximizing productivity as far as layout and looks are both concerned. For those working with a small kitchen, there are plenty of simple tricks that will have renters or owners feeling as though their space provides all that it needs to, rather than stressing out about the limitations of being cramped. Here are some simple design tips for smaller apartments and the best ways to handle working within a kitchen space that is a bit lacking in size.

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Shelving is the absolute most important priority for anyone who is considering some home renovations in a cramped kitchen space, and should be the first starting point, even for those who don’t spend hours cooking. With the proper kind of shelving and storage, things can feel organized without getting cramped, and can even show off items that are cute without giving the impression that everything is cluttered. Those who are serious about the country kitchen feel should stick to cabinets, but anyone else who has the opportunity to build up might be a lot happier with the world of shelving, as it makes it possible to go even higher up on the wall space, and without being concerned about whether or not there is going to be too much overhang into the general area, making for a more claustrophobic feel.

A few words of caution and advice on shelving and storage in a tiny kitchen: it always makes more sense to consider the below space, i.e. cabinets underneath the sink and drawers, rather than simply thinking of going up first. And those going up will find that the more simple the shelves, the easier it is to actually locate the items being used for cooking. Consider how nice it will be for glassware and vintage items to actually be out on display, rather than stuck collecting dust in the back of some pantry.

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Choosing the proper colors is also another simple way to keep things feeling bigger, rather than enclosed, in a tinier kitchen. If hanging up a mirror is out of the question, as mirrors can make a space feel considerably larger, then picking white or another color that opens up a room, rather than making it feel tiny, is the best way to go. After all, this makes it far more plausible for those who don’t have much to spend on giving the impression of a larger space to pull off one of the simplest yet most effective design moves out there.

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