Living Room Combined With Family Room
Living Room Combined With Family Room

27 Minimalist and Elegant Living Room Designs & Decorations

Living Room Design- The following is a variety of design inspiration and living room decorations with a minimalist and elegant design theme. Some are intended for small living rooms, while others are intended for large ones. So, later the design can be adjusted to the allocation of the living room you have.

Living Room Design Inspiration

Minimalist Open Space Living Room with ~3×4 m Space Allocation

Design 1 – The size generally used is 3×4 meters. This size is roomy enough so you can explore 3×4 more freely.

Minimalist Open Space Living Room With ~3×4 M Space Allocation

Design 2 – The living room is spacious enough to accommodate several types of sofas with different shapes.

Minimalist Open Space Living Room With ~3×4 M Space Allocation 2

The idea:

  • Because the living room is quite spacious, you can choose a standard sofa size or large enough. The arrangement of the sofa is quite flexible for a large living room like this.
  • To add a warm impression, you can add a rug on the floor. The existence of a carpet will not make the living room look cramped, as long as you avoid excessive carpet motifs.
  • The remaining space can be used for human circulation space, it can also be used to place plant pots. The goal is of course to add a beautiful impression to your minimalist living room.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room

Design 1 – A concept that can give an elegant impression to the living room is to make plain one-color paint around the house. Plain paint that matches the sofa makes the room have a spacious and elegant impression.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room

Design 2 – An elegant impression can also be presented with a wide opening. In addition, wide openings also make the room fresher, especially if there is a beautiful garden outside the house.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room 2

Design 3 – Use the best glass material with the best durable space design.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room 3

The idea:

  • The size of the opening must be adjusted to the size of your living room. If the living room is large enough, creating an opening with a large space will also be interesting.
  • Add accents of vertical and horizontal stripes of window sills. The goal is that the window does not look empty.
  • However, if the size of your opening is not so wide, there is no need to add line accents on the window because it will make the opening not look ideal.
  • To reduce the intensity of sunlight entering the room or reduce the effect of glare from outside, you can add plants outside that can block the sun’s rays naturally.

Luxurious Minimalist Living Room

Design 1 – The existence of a large staircase element in the living room can increase the visual aspect of a more luxurious look. Yes, having more budget can be the beginning of realizing a luxurious living room. Use branded sofas and classy designs and quality materials.

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Luxurious Minimalist Living Room

Design 2 – A luxurious living room can be designed with a bright color concept and with expensive furniture.

Luxurious Minimalist Living Room 2

The idea:

  • Use a sofa with a golden-brown color.
  • Add a rug as a focus.
  • Glass windows as skylights.

Minimalist Living Room Without Sofa

Design 1 – Getting around a narrow living room can also be done by removing furniture that will make it look even more cramped. One way is to form the concept of a living room or a living room without a sofa.

Minimalist Living Room Without Sofa

Design 2 – Living room can be created with a minimalist table and unique seating.

Minimalist Living Room Without Sofa 2

Design 3 – Having a Scandinavian living room will make the house look elegant and modern.

Minimalist Living Room Without Sofa 3

Minimalist Living Room on the Terrace

Design 1 – This kind of concept is considered quite efficient for a small house, because the living room program can be removed from the house. Thus, the space in the house can be wider and used for other rooms.

Minimalist Living Room On The Terrace

Design 2 – Increase the privacy aspect by placing a beautiful living room on the terrace area. For narrow houses, a family room with a simple arrangement can be applied to the concept of a living room on the terrace.

Minimalist Living Room On The Terrace 2

The idea:

  • At least the ideal size of the terrace to be used as a living room is approximately 2 meters.
  • Because it is on the terrace of the house, you still need a roof to minimize exposure to rainwater.

Minimalist Living Room 2×2 m

Design 1 – If your house is 2×2 meters in size, then a very simple and practical arrangement is needed to create a comfortable living room.

Minimalist Living Room 2×2 M

We recommend using a guest chair that is slim and light. Yes, this small area is not recommended to use a sofa because it can make the room feel cramped.

Design 2 – Use a minimalist letter L sofa and a small table to create a more functional area. Then, putting a mini living room in the corner of the room is the best way to save space.

Minimalist Living Room 2×2 M (2)

The idea:

  • Choose a table that is small and with very simple details.
  • Because the size of the room is very small, try to use a ceramic type or floor mat that is also small.
  • In order not to be monotonous, you can add interesting decorations on the walls. But avoid decorations that are large.

Minimalist Living Room 2×3 m

Design 1 – In a 2×3 meter room you can still give some sweet touches and certain interior design tricks to make this tiny living room more aesthetic. For example, using a double sofa. Then, a single sofa for other areas.

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Minimalist Living Room 2×3 M

Design 2 – Although small, this living room with double sofa can also be transformed into a family room at once.

Minimalist Living Room 2×3 M (2)

The idea:

  • Because the room is not spacious enough, choose a really minimalist sofa.
  • The choice of an L-shaped living room sofa is recommended because an L-shaped sofa can increase the seating capacity of guests, without the need to spend a lot of space.
  • Use bright wall colors to get around the house to make it look more spacious.

Minimalist Living Room 3×3 m

Design 1 – 3×3 space exploration using a 3-seat sofa and two single sofas. The existence of a small carpet as a table mat can beautify the room.

Minimalist Living Room 3×3 M

Design 2 – Create the impression of a less dominant focus by placing a rug in the sitting area.

Minimalist Living Room 3×3 M (2)

The idea:

  • The choice of a standard-sized minimalist sofa.
  • Add a small rug under the living room table. To be more aesthetic.
  • Avoid excessive use of furniture or decorations, both on the walls and on the floor.
  • You can also still arrange plants in the corner of the living room or in the rest of the space that can still be explored.

Living Room Combined with Family Room

Design 1 – To get around a narrow area, sometimes two rooms with similar functions can be combined.

One way is to add a tv and other family room furniture in the living room. This can be used as a solution to overcome the narrow tv room design to make it feel more spacious.

Living Room Combined With Family Room

Design 2 – The family room combined with the living room is a solution to save space in a narrow house.

Living Room Combined With Family Room 2

Design 3 – Provide a multifunctional cabinet to create an effective family room as well as a living room.

Living Room Combined With Family Room 3

The idea:

  • Because you will be placing family furniture in the living room, try to plan from the start where the position of the electrical outlet is safe and comfortable.
  • The addition of a partition can also be done to provide an artificial partition between the area used to receive guests and the family area.
  • Thus, family members can still gather in the family room, without the need to be disturbed by visiting guests. Vice versa.


Living Room Decoration Elements Inspiration

Wooden Wallpaper Decoration

Wooden Wallpaper Decoration

The most easily understood natural element is wood. You can start by trying to install wood wallpaper on one of the living room walls.

Even if only one side of this is enough to bring a natural atmosphere in the house. Choose the side that is dominant or most often seen by the eye. Decorating a living room like this is easy and quite cheap.

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Decoration with Accessories in Multiple Areas

Decoration With Accessories In Multiple Areas

Maybe changing the wallpaper is too much of a hassle. There is another easy way that can be imitated.

Try changing the accessories in the living room with a green carpet like a stretch of grass, green curtains, and placing some plant pots in the room. Arrange and position it all correctly, then the living room will be more beautiful.


Try Variations With Various Motifs

Try Variations With Various Motifs

If the choice of a plain color is considered monotonous, try to be creative with various motifs. There are many motifs that are dominated by one color, for example leaf motifs.

For example, if the living room is already green, choose a pillowcase or carpet with a leaf pattern. Usually from these designs there are colors other than green. It provides color variation in the living room.

Pink Can Also Give Different Shades

Pink Can Also Give Different Shades

If so far the color pink is considered only able to give a feminine impression, it is wrong.

For lovers of pink can still create a natural feel in the house. As in the picture above, the owner of the house carefully chose natural elements that are pink. Such as plants on the table, wall decorations, to the arrangement.

Monochrome motifs are also suitable as a combination

Monochrome Motifs Are Also Suitable As A Combination

Tired of plant or animal motifs? Want another design but still want to have a natural concept?

Try combining monochrome shades as a living room decor. Basically black and white color is easier to match with any concept. Therefore, it is not too difficult to present nature in a monochrome room.

Can also place green plants in white pots. Or choose plants that are white, such as roses, orchids, jasmine, and others. Make natural elements as a complement so as not to seem forced.

Woven Motifs That Give a Simple Impression

Woven Motifs That Give A Simple Impression

Decorating the living room with various woven motifs can also provide a natural concept. The motif, which is dominated by brown, impresses traditional and simplicity.

This can bring themselves to be more at one with nature. There are many accessories that are patterned or woven, such as carpets, flower pots, wall hangings, and so on.

Closing Living Room Design

Those are some minimalist living room design & decoration ideas that you can apply to your home to realize your dream home. Adjust to the size and condition of your respective space.


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