25 Luxurious Scandinavian Home Office Ideas

There are many works that we can do at home, like online business, engineer, consultant, etc. That’s why it needs to have an office at home. But, what about having small space at home? Can’t we have a home office? A offive home doesn’t have to be big and luxurious but we can use Scandinavian idea to get around this case.

Scandinavian itself, doesn’t apply a complicated setting. It tends to be simple but focuses on something useful. This idea seems change a small space into more artistic one. White as a timeless color is the dominant for a Sandinavian office home. If you completely want to apply this idea for your office at home, you just simply put a desk, a chair, and a shelf as what you need and little ornaments like flower vase or photo frames. Moreover, the lamp is the key for this idea because it gives warmth and cool impression.

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The Scandinavian home office is a wonderful addition to your house that can help you take care of your business tasks unobstructed with the same level of comfort that you get anywhere else in your home. But a home office isn’t only useful to the lucky ones that get to work from home. It can be introduced as a study room in which you’ll be able to do some web surfing or alternatively, as a space to develop and practice your hobbies in. In fact, you can use it as a crafting center where you will keep all of the materials and tools needed.

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In this description, we provide some examples as your references in designing a Scandinavian home office.

Three wood variants, framed by black and white, introduce character to a light and airy space.

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Two angles of a room show how different shapes give different effects. White, rectangular spaces are peopled with colourful books and finished with a skylight.

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Clear, white ceilings allow bubblegum red and ocean blue to dramatically border this minimalistic office design. The stylish desk chair you see here is the Eames Molded Plastic Armchair.

Long, corridor-spaces can act as an office too, as this stone floor and mahogany-desked workspace shows. The bookcase creates both space and interest. Pastel green swivel chairs add color to the setup.

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People portraits introduce the human into an often solitary task.

A simple black-and-white screensaver can act as the central element of a minimalistic room.

Structured charcoal shelves and desks are made voluminous via Roman blinds and plant life.

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Offices for two can sit in a larger room. Mild charcoal walls and simple furniture are elevated by a complex-patterned wooden floor.

Colour creates a calming feature wall in shades of teal, complemented by an earthy fawn chair.

Light, bright walls and rooms can afford bolder patterns. In this workspace, bold black and brown chairs are grounded by a striking striped rug.

An artist’s workspace has different needs. Canvases can fit in the corner of this workspace, where monochrome inspiration fills the walls and white and wood creates breathing space.

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Workspaces next to beds can work, with the help of white space, inspirational quotes and a designated corner.

A pop of colour with a lemon cabinet transforms office staples into supporting characters, for artistic play. You can see the attention to detail that has gone here – check out the unique trash can.

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A circle of rectangular, monochromatic portraits create a focal point next to a skylight.

Windows and ladders act as the sole feature in this compact, teak and white-walled office.

A similar effect is shown in this wall-shelved workspace design, with a wooden hula-hoop introducing an element of play.

Two-roomed workspaces can create depth through mirroring similar elements. Square black bookcases frame the inner room and outer walls, with hanging glass lights and ornaments adding personality.

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Mirrored rooms with wide shaded windows offer green relief to a clear and mindful space.

Oscillating, near-clashing patterns add interest across bare white walls.

Three tiers of white shelving differentiate the workspace from a black-and-silver tripod stand.

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This office inlet allows the creation of a new space. Work necessities find their home in a grid upon the wall, reflected in the grain of the chair.

French windows and clean spaces highlight tiered pot plants, fur-laden chairs and woollen crop-ring mats, in this fresh-looking workspace.

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