21 Comfortable Chairs & Sofa-less Living Room Designs

Comfortable Chairs & Sofa Less Living Room Designs Copy
Comfortable Chairs & Sofa Less Living Room Designs Copy

The following inspiration is about the design of a family room without comfortable chairs and sofas for family gatherings. Generally use a carpet as a seat with some additional pillows, bean bags, and some other decorations.

With no chairs and sofas, this living room looks bigger and more spacious, so it fits for a large family gathering.

Thick Mats instead of Living Room Sofas

Thick Mats Instead Of Living Room Sofas Copy

Image Source: dwellingdecor.com

Another alternative to creating an ideal living room without a sofa is to install a soft mattress in the corner of the room.

Make this mattress a substitute for a sofa. Choose the color of the mat according to taste and the concept of space. Don’t forget to add pillows too.

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Sitting Pillow for Living Room Without Sofa

Sitting Pillow For Living Room Without Sofa Copy

Image Source: m.decoesfera.com
The simplest way to design a living room without a sofa is to create a lesehan concept.

You can provide a thick carpet and some comfortable sitting pillows to use as a substitute for a sofa. Can also add a mini table in the middle.

Take Advantage of Storage for Seating

Take Advantage Of Storage For Seating Copy

Image Source: instagram.com/amandabarnesinteriors
Another way that will also help you save space is to use a short cupboard as a sitting area.

But choose the type of cabinet that is really strong so it is not easily damaged. Do not forget to also put a pillow for backrest or to sit.

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Replace the Sofa with a Lighter Airbed

Replace The Sofa With A Lighter Airbed Copy

Image Source: instagram.com/gormanclothing
The sofa is a heavy piece of furniture and is not suitable for a narrow house. Instead, you can place an airbed instead of a sofa.

This airbed will appear lighter and more flexible so that family members can move there more comfortably every day.

Lower the Position of the Television for Comfort

Lower The Position Of The Television For Comfort Copy

Image Source: homedit.com
If your concept is a family room without a sofa, then the position of the television needs to be made according to the eye.

You can lower the position of the television to make it more comfortable so that the furniture for audio-visual purposes also needs to be adjusted, both in size and shape.

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Bohemian Style Arrangement Model for Living Room without Sofa

Bohemian Style Arrangement Model For Living Room Without Sofa Copy

Image Source: gengasw.com
Having an artistic and unique family room can also be applied without using a sofa. You can install a relaxing rocking chair to complement.

Meanwhile on the other hand, thick carpets and soft cushions will be comfortable enough to be used every day.

Low Modern Rocking Chair in Living Room

Low Modern Rocking Chair In Living Room Copy

Image Source: refinery29.de
A comfortable family room is not only about luxurious sofas. Even a low chair that can sway will give a different feel so that the house becomes a unique gathering place.

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Should also provide a small table that is low. Thick carpet will also make the room warmer.

Modern Living Room Interior with Hanging Chair

Modern Living Room Interior With Hanging Chair Copy

Image Source: mystylevita.com
In addition to rocking chairs, sofa elements can also be replaced with hanging chairs or swings. This kind of chair will look unique and artistic to you.

In addition to relaxing and watching television, this swing can also be used for a comfortable reading room.

Bean Bag Chair in a Comfortable and Modern Living Room

Bean Bag Chair In A Comfortable And Modern Living Room Copy

Image Source: etsy.com
There is quite a lot of modern furniture that can be used for a family room without a sofa. One of the most popular lately is the bean bag chair.

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This chair will be quite comfortable as a substitute for a sofa. You can sit on the carpet while lying on your back and enjoy quality time with your family.

Stacked Mats for Taller and Softer

Stacked Mats For Taller And Softer Copy

Image Source: theperfectdiy.com
If you don’t really like low seating, then the best solution is to stack two mattresses together.

This mattress can be used as a substitute for a sofa as well as a comfortable area to sleep during the day on holidays.

Japanese-style Living Room Without Sofa

Japanese Style Living Room Without Sofa Copy

Image Source: indulgy.com
When it comes to living rooms without sofas, then Japan is the best concept. You can make the atmosphere of the house similar to a traditional Japanese house.

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There was only a small tea table and simple sitting cushions. The rest are wooden cabinets with sliding doors and cherry blossom decorations.

Hammock as a Comfortable Sofa Replacement

Hammock As A Comfortable Sofa Replacement Copy

Image Source: catesthill.com
Hammock is a flexible and very functional element to be applied in a house. Besides being able to be installed in the garden to enjoy the free air, hammock can also be used as a substitute for a sofa in the family room. You can hang some hammocks to watch television or relax in the afternoon.

Hanging Family Room Inspiration

Hanging Family Room Inspiration Copy

Image Source: houzz.fr
Another very anti-mainstream design idea is a hanging living room. Provide void space, then install a strong enough net.

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Then this net can be used for a family room without a sofa. You just need to add a television on the wall and a few pillows to lean on.

Take advantage of the Underwindow Space for Seating

Take Advantage Of The Underwindow Space For Seating Copy

Image Source: archdaily.com
Having a window that is wide enough in the family room will not only make the house appear brighter.

But it can also be used to install a simple seat. So, with this seat, the sofa is no longer needed.

TV and Living Room Decorations Without Sitting Pillows

Tv And Living Room Decorations Without Sitting Pillows Copy

Image Source: apartmentsmendoza.com
Another more practical solution is not to install any furniture in the family room. You just need to install a carpet that is very thick and comfortable to sit on.

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Then add a television area that is large enough so that it can be used for lesehan.

Chair with Backrest

Chair With Backrest Copy

Image Source: guerreros.club
Another way is to place a lesehan chair that has a backrest. This kind of chair is suitable for the Japanese-style living room concept.

Also provide a low tea table that can be used to put snacks, television remotes, and the like.

Wooden Chair for Sofa Replacement

Wooden Chair For Sofa Replacement Copy

Image Source: odeliabydesign.com
In addition to rattan chairs, you can also prepare wooden chairs with attractive designs for the family room. This kind of chair is suitable for a house with a classic modern concept. Don’t forget to put a table which is also made of wood.

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Staircase Area for Living Room

Staircase Area For Living Room Copy

Image Source: sensio.ro
Have a fairly large staircase area? Try to take advantage of some of this circulation space as a family room. Provide several stacks of seats that follow the shape of the staircase arrangement.

Then add pillows for sitting and backrests. On the front, add a television.

Family Room Inspiration Without a Multi-level Sofa

Family Room Inspiration Without A Multi Level Sofa Copy

Image Source: lonny.com
A family room without a sofa can also be formed from a modified lesehan concept. For example, a lesehan area that is elevated and made with a terraced model. This kind of family room is suitable for a unique modern minimalist home.

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Natural Stone Themed Living Room Pillows

Natural Stone Themed Living Room Pillows Copy

Image Source: thegreenhead.com
There are many forms of seat cushions, from simple to unique. One of the unique forms of sitting pillows is the natural stone theme. Use this pillow to create a more natural living room without a sofa.


Cool, right? This living room design idea without a sofa is indeed interesting to apply in a comfortable home. If it’s been applied, don’t forget to share the photo with us.

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