19 Dreamy Canopy Beds


Canopy beds originated in medieval times when castles draped heavy curtains over the beds to keep out drafts and retain warmth in the winter then replaced them with light, thin netted canopies in the spring and summer to keep out bugs and other pests. Seen this way, a kids canopy bed doesn’t seem so girlie at all.

When it comes to canopy bed drapes, there are so many different styles for you to choose from. Because of this, it is going to be very easy for you to match your drapes to the other colors of your bedroom. Whether you have a classic look or a more modern design, you are going to be able to find something that you will love. You can also buy everything in a kit together, or you can buy each piece individually and create your own look.

The possibilities are endless. The first place to look when you are purchasing bed drapes is the bad. Usually, you are going to want to have a canopy bed that you have bought from a furniture store. The best thing about buying a bed from a furniture store is the fact that you will be able to get all the matching pieces. For instance, a dresser and also end tables.

After you have all of these pieces, it is time to pick out your curtains as well as your canopy bed drapes. It is probably a good idea to purchase everything from the same store so that it all matches nicely. If you are really enjoying your existing bed, you may consider having a canopy frame built for your bed. For something like this, it is a good idea to hire professional. That is unless you have a handyman in your household. This is definitely a cheaper alternative to converting your bed.

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Another wonderful way of installing a canopy for your bed is to attach a frame to the ceiling and hang the drapes down. Canopy bed drapes hung from the ceiling are going to definitely be a great eye catcher. Another good thing about canopy bed drapes is the fact that you will have extra privacy while you sleep, not to mention protection from nuisance insects.

All you need is a canopy bed plan or a four poster plan to help build the posts, or some spare curtain rails to attach to the ceiling so the canopy can be hung, and some extra material to create the canopy. A few steps will help you achieve this look.

If your bed does not have connecting posts to hang the canopy from, simply attach two curtain rails to the ceiling according to where the bed frame is. Take the material and drape it over the elevated frame or curtain rails until a canopy is formed. An innovative alternative to the canopy bed mentioned is when rings are used instead of curtain rails.

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Hang four rings from the ceiling above the bed, lining them up to the four corners of the bed. Use material and drape through the rings to gain the same canopy effect. The more material that is used to drape, the more magical it will make your bed look. Making the material hang to the ground creates a fairytale style to the bed.

Modern rooms are typically sleek, simple and uncluttered. In past times canopy beds would have stuck out and looked out of place. However, clever designs today have changed all that. A sleep canopy bed can add the much needed drama to a room and create a strong visual statement. For example, a simple modern cherry one can have a wooden canopy and tall posts. When used in a bedroom it will add depth and a lot of rich detail to the space that a short, flat bed would not.

It helps to think of a bedroom as a box with a top, bottom and sides. Often the decorating is done strictly done around the edges of the space with little thought being given to the negative space inside the box. When such a bed is used it adds visual impact inside this space and fills it so the room has a more three dimensional aspect.

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Options in modern canopy beds are fairly abundant. Rich wood stains are available in many shades and pained beds are another option. Sometimes it is a decorating delight to place a vibrant painted poster bed in a room and make everything very plain and simple. Metal beds are also very popular and canopies are very beautiful in many shades of paints and finishes on the metal.

In most modern bedrooms canopy beds will be left alone for simple elegance. If a fabric is used for a drape it is usually a soft shade of white to simply draw the eye to the posts and height of the bed. In some instances a hint of color can be added to the fabric but normally the space will stay simple and clean in design. A canopy bed quickly becomes the focal point of the room making everything else less important in the room, and is sure to be a topic of conversation whenever you have any guests at your house.

Here I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help.

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