Greenery Garlands With Pinecones Will Make Your Balcony Look More Festive And Holiday Ready

12 Cool Christmas Balcony Décor Ideas

The balcony is an extension of the home, and it is an area where many people relax and read a good book, enjoy beverages, and enjoy the great outdoors. It is an area that is often outfitted to complement the seasons or for any reason, and if you enjoy entertaining on the balcony, you can make your home’s balcony an impressive space where family and friends will also like to spend time. Consider the following steps to decorate a balcony, and transform your ordinary outdoor space into an extraordinary place for relaxing and spending time.

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For getting more natural and pleasing effects, you must opt for climbing plants, especially if you go for deciduous types or quick growing annuals; these are more useful in the winter season.

Evergreens and ferns are amazing to style your balcony for winter and Christmas. They can be added in garlands, wreaths, arrangements and posies and you can highlight them with lights, bells and berries. Accent the wreath or garland with a red bow, ornaments and other stuff. Pinecones are also nice to decorate your balcony, put them on shelves, furniture, floor or incorporate into garlands, wreaths and other décor. You can also put some Christmas trees in buckets, pots or vases on the floor, natural décor is timeless and cool.


Many of us live in apartments in big cities and not in houses, we don’t have a terrace or a garden but there’s still a way to decorate your outdoors: make your holiday balcony look so cool that everyone would envy! Go for colorful garlands, ornaments, lights and wreaths; if you want a natural touch, try fir branches and eucalyptus. If the space allows, put a seat and a Christmas tree on your balcony, add a blanket and some candles – and voila! You have a real Christmas terrace in miniature! Get more creative ideas and tips below and decorate your small outdoor space with chic and style!

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