10 Small, Simple, and Minimalist Dining Room Designs (2022)

Minimalist Dining Room – The following is a variety of inspiration for a small dining room with a simple and minimalist design concept that is suitable for residences in. Even though it is in a limited space, the dining room can also look beautiful and comfortable.

With the arrangement and selection of the right colors, making the dining room able to give birth to warmth at home. How the inspiration, here’s the list.

Minimalist Dining Room

Minimalist Dining Room

One solution to designing a dining room is to choose a dining table/chair whose size fits the area of ​​the house. The goal is not to waste space, so that the room still feels spacious and comfortable.

For example, this design uses a simple wooden table and Scandinavian chairs. Chair legs that are not too big make the room feel more spacious.

Natural Dining Room

A natural touch can be used as an alternative to the aesthetics of the dining room which is ideal for a minimalist home. In accordance with the example of the dining room above, the dining table and chairs use wood material with a fairly simple shape.

Simple Dining Room

Simple Dining Room

In the dining room you can add an interesting accent on one side. For example, adding contrasting decorations or decorations whose size is good enough to determine focus.

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There are several choices of decoration models, namely wall decoration, you can add paintings, mirrors, wallpaper, windows.

Modern Dining Room

Modern Dining Room

A modern dining room combined with a kitchen on a fairly large area. The wide opening to the outside allows direct sunlight to enter.

This is the reason why this dining room does not use much lighting as lighting. As for the concept of form used, namely the firmness of the form. Appearance from the type of ceiling, the choice of dining table, to the kitchen.

Scandinavian Dining Room

Scandinavian Dining Room

If you are good at adjusting the lighting of a room, the impression you get will be better.

One of them, hanging lighting. This method will make the dining room more focused in addition to functioning as lighting. The repetition of the lighting aspect will form a rhythm that can visually make the dining room more attractive.


Minibar Dining Room

Minibar Dining Room

Functionally, the kitchen and minibar which are used for the dining area will also help in daily activities.

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The advantage, it’s easier to serve food, clean, and so on. Of course, making the house more classy.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

Another idea is to create an open dining room, aka an outdoor  dining room. This method is also one of the best solutions if your inner space does not have enough space to be used as a dining room.

In addition, the open dining room is also a space that can be used for other activities, such as relaxing, reading a book in the garden, or a BBQ party when the family gathers together.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining Room And Kitchen

Besides being more practical, the function of the dining room which is actually a semi-service room will make cooking and eating activities occur on an ongoing basis.

Sometimes, due to limited land, spaces that could still be combined will be combined. Usually the dining room will be combined with other rooms, such as the kitchen.

Dining Room and Family Room

Dining Room And Family Room

The design of the family room that blends with the dining room is also often an attractive solution to overcome space limitations.

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This is also often done because the dining room and family room have the same actual function, which is to unite family members together. It’s just that the activities carried out are different.

For example, the example above is to add a small dining table and dining chairs in front of the living room sofa.

Spacious Dining Room

Spacious Dining Room

If you are lucky enough and get a land or house that is large enough, you can separate the dining room from the family room or kitchen.

But of course a design strategy is needed to make the dining room more attractive.

Dining Room with Wide Opening

Dining Room With Wide Opening

The amount of light that enters will make the room more comfortable and spacious. For example, by adding a wide window along your dining furniture.

If you have a dining room that is not spacious enough, then one strategy to make it feel more spacious is to add a wide opening.

Closing Minimalist Dining Room

That’s a list of inspiration about dining room designs that you can apply. I hope it inspires you, okay?

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