Creating the Perfect French Country Bedroom

French Country Bedroom With Nail Head Trim Around The Perimeter
French Country Bedroom With Nail Head Trim Around The Perimeter

French Country bedrooms are both modern and relaxing. In fact, this style is ideal for those who want an intimate feel in their home, without sacrificing the modern elements of their room. French Country themes require a subtlety that translates into instant comfort and instant warmth.

Most French Country themes involve bright colors that give a warm and inviting air. This is a good thing because the colors used in these styles are very neutral, which will also help with decorating.

Bright yellows, reds, and oranges are all fine but do not get too wild. Instead, go with something more subdued and resonate (think ivory or ecru). When selecting paint colors, keep this in mind. For example, if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, consider using white as a backdrop color.

The flooring is the key element in many French Country bedroom ideas. If the room is to be used for entertaining guests and visitors, then you may want to use linoleum on the flooring to give it a more rustic feel. Linoleum is easy to clean up, yet will also stay looking new for years to come. However, if your room is only for your own use, then you may want to stick with hardwoods such as oak or cherry.

One popular element of a French country bedroom’s decor is wrought iron. If you choose this as the main type of furniture in your room, look for solid woods. If you would rather have a rustic look, then look at using painted furniture. Either way, this type of wood will last for a long time, as it is sturdy. Also, it will make your room feel very warm and welcoming.

Next, think about your bedroom’s accessories. There is nothing better than a good comforter and some pillows. If you cannot afford them, then look around your room and see what you can find. These should match the colors you chose for your decor. Comforters are often available in a wide array of fabrics, so you should have no problem finding one that fits in with your overall design.

Next, consider the size of your bed. Some people prefer a king-size bed, while others prefer a queen-sized bed. If you need more space for a certain function such as a guest bedroom, then consider having a loft bed. Some people like to have a bedroom desk in their bedroom, but not everyone do. If you choose to have a desk, make sure that it can fit underneath the bed so that you will not be left with extra space.

A French country bedroom style also includes a lot of natural wood. For example, a French Country bedroom theme will usually include pine. Other woods you may find in a French country bedroom include cherry, oak, ash, hickory, pine, etc. In order to give your bedroom a rustic feeling, you may want to choose hardware on your furniture, such as knobs, handles, pulls, etc.

Finally, if you like the look of the classic log cabin, then this is a great place to get inspiration for your French Country bedroom style. You will find many antique log cabins online that look incredible in this style. And provide you with a wonderful opportunity to use natural materials to help complete your bedroom design.

So that you can get the most out of your country bedroom, you will want to do a little bit of planning before you purchase your furniture. Think about the look you want to achieve. Think about the style you want to portray. Make sure that you do not buy the items at a thrift store, since they are not going to be in your home for a long time.

Another great bedroom design idea is to have a large painting hung over the bed. If you have the space, you can hang a full-length mirror over the bed as well. If you do not have the space, you can still paint over the bed and mirror to give it a unique look.

The bedroom is the perfect way to relax and have fun with your spouse and kids. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, then think about using a French Country theme. It will definitely make your bedroom come alive.

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